Musical History

You might have come across me from my playing with the Tees Hot Club, Seaview Playboys, Rooster Roxx, the Joe Walker Band, Los Gatos Pantanas, Seaview Blues Band, the Al Harrington Band or backing up or recording with artists such as John McCoy, Claire Hamill etc. etc. Pictures of some of these, and other, bands that I have played with appear below.

Current bands / Projects

Annabel Pattinson

I am delighted to be working with the wonderfully talented Annabel Pattinson on a songwriting collaboration and recording project (visit website)

Tees Hot Club

This is a provider of regular live jazz in Teesside in which I perform fairly regularly (when I am not too busy with the projects above !) (visit website)

Seaview Playboys

This is an Americana / Roots music band in which I performed in recent years ( project is currently suspended) (visit website)

Other Skills

I have complimentary skills in the areas of home and studio recording, music production, composition, songwriting and arranging. I also dabble with vector graphics, website design and use of social media for marketing. I also have experience in TV production. My profile on the Internet Movie Database can be accessed by clicking the icon below.

I am a qualified UK lawyer (solicitor) working mainly in the field of commercial contracts. I have a good working knowledge of the music industry, theatre and television, including dealing with intellectual property issues, and have assisted a number of artists with their careers as their professional adviser.

My profile on Bandmix can be accessed by clicking the icon below.