Home Recording

I do have a small project studio. I use Logic Pro as my Digital Audio Workstation. I also use a Zoom L-12 for live recording. I am happy to collaborate remotely on recording projects and can upload audio files in all popular formats.


Here are some original songs that I wrote and recorded at home using Logic Pro. The compositions are random musical styles – all instruments played by me.


You can download some tracks for free from my Bandcamp page.

Live Recording

Here are a few tracks recorded at band practices straight into an iPad using a Focusrite Scarlett audio interface and an Apple camera connection kit to send simultaneous recording of different inputs into separate tracks in Auria. I have recently acquired a Zoom LiveTrak L – 12 for live recording.


Here are some links to websites that I have found useful for home recording:-

HomeRecording.com –   Logic Users Group  –   Studiospares   –  Toontrack   –   Native Instruments   – Musician On A Mission

There are various licensing and distribution outlets for any music that you might produce. The following may be of interest:-

Musicbed   –   Songtradr    –   Dittomusic  –  Bandcamp  –  Soundreef